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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Letric Lighting Co.

Bright Ideas from Letric Lighting Co.

Started a year or so ago, and exclusive to Tucker V-Twin, the Letric Lighting Co. range of advanced LED solutions is the brainchild of NAMZ Custom Cycle Products founder Jeff Zielinski, and the past twelve months have seen the range grow into one of the market's leading "brightest premium motorcycle lighting" ranges.
"Letric has grown more than originally hoped for in its first year," says Jeff. "The range, the quality, the technology, competitive pricing and lifetime warranty have proven to be a winning formula. Recently, we released several brand-new products that are featured in our 2020 catalog and are already available to dealers in the United States through Tucker Powersports and in Australia through Rollies."

'Killer High Lights'

This 16-Color LED accent lighting kit includes 2 x 12" strips, 4 x 8" strips and 2 x 4" strips with flashing, jumping and fading pattern color options and wireless remote control. It is a simple Plug-n-Play install.

'Perfect Plate' Lights

Offered in chrome, gloss black and matte black, Letric's 'Perfect Plate' LED license plate frame is an easy install featuring ultra-bright, surface-mounted LEDs functioning as red running light, bright red brake light, license plate illumination light and switchback amber turn signals. "Available in a plug-n-play option with mounting hardware included or a simple hardwired installation for a truly universal fitment. The perfect addition to any motorcycle. Easy to install, the Perfect Plate Light™ offers a variety of optional finishes and functions to fit your desired look."

Premium Turn Signal Inserts 

"A step up in brightness from our original standard turn signal inserts, these unique lights feature a single body aluminum construction that has a built-in heat sink which allows the insert to produce the brightest light of our SMD (Surface Mount Diode) inserts. SMDs are superior to traditional through-hole diodes because they produce a brighter light and last longer. They use stock or aftermarket lenses and do not need any additional components because they are fully secured by the socket housing, just as a bulb would be.
"When the turn signal is engaged, our technology offers a smooth transition from white running lights to amber color turn signals (front only). Premium Bullet inserts come with a lifetime warranty on the whole LED. Also available as a 'Switchback' variety.

Deluxe Bullet Style Turn Signal Inserts

The brightest turn signal inserts currently available in the Letric range, they use brand-new COB technology and a proprietary lens design that gives the appearance of a single lighting panel rather than individual LEDs. "Additionally, due to the proprietary convex shape of the lens and wattage produced by the COB LEDs, we have an unparalleled angular diffusion, so the turn signals are seen both from the front and the side of the bike. The fully sealed installation is a breeze, preventing any moisture or corrosion on the board; they are fully CAN bus compatible and require no additional modules or resistors. Also available as a 'Switchback' variety."

Saddlebag Filler Lights

Plug-n-play Premium Saddlebag Fillers provide the additional lighting needed for 2014-up touring models, filling the oval openings in the saddlebag support bracket. A backlit LED provides running lights and surface mount diodes produce ultra-bright turn signal and brake functions - increasing safety by adding additional running lights, brake lights and turn signals on all models except Road Kings and Police models (which will only have running lights and turn signal functions).

G2 Royal Flush lights

"Our G2 Royal Flush LEDs use Chip on Board (COB) technology and give the appearance of a single lighting panel, in a distinctive 9/16" or 1" aluminum body in polished or gloss black finish.