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Tuesday 30 April 2019

Twin Power

Twin Power Introduces Shocker Battery Line

Twin Power, known for its high-quality parts and accessories designed for the American V-twin enthusiast, has announced the addition of Shocker batteries to its product line.
Developed specifically for V-twins and offered at a very competitive price, Shocker batteries are factory-activated and sealed AGM-style batteries, assembled in a robust stock-appearing ABS case with a matt black finish. 

The terminals are a flush mount design with dual connection points (14 amp models have one connection point) and captive internal nuts for a fumble-free installation. Features include extra thick plates for extreme vibration resistance, a heat-sealed cover to protect against leakage and corrosion, and fully sealed posts.
Twin Power Brand Manager James Simonelli says that "independent laboratory testing parameters include high-rate discharge, ten-hour discharge, vibration, short circuit, and zero-degree Fahrenheit cold cranking amp tests. Also, these units were subject to extreme field-testing conditions during their development.
"The Shocker might be offered at a reasonable price, but is not short on performance," continued James. "This is by no means a standard 'metric' or 'universal' type battery. We have found through testing that any time terminal adaptors or spacers are used, amperage transfer during the initial start may be compromised.
"You may get strong starts after the initial installation, but over time, vibration, arcing and corrosion can affect the battery's ability to deliver reliable performance. The Shocker won't let you down."
Fitments are available in all popular 14, 20, 24 and 30 Amp configurations.