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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

Avon Cobra Chrome

“The new standard in cruising/sport-cruising technology in H, V and W-speed ratings, compared to its predecessor the new Avon Cobra Chrome delivers 10% more mileage and a 5% larger footprint. It delivers excellent handling under dynamic circumstances with precision feel and tire feedback.” The advanced Avon cruiser tread pattern is augmented by the signature Cobra Chrome snake skin design. It is available in a full selection of fitments from 15” to 23” in a wide variety of sizes.

BMC Air Filter Elements

The Italian BMC ‘The Red Filter’, as used in Formula 1, Le Mans, MotoGP and WorldSBK, is designed as a no hassle fit upgrade for the OEM paper air filter element. Manufactured with a metallic mesh which contains multiple cotton layers of oiled filtration material, the proven construction allows improved air flow - for stock to all-out performance applications. To further help prevent small impurities enter the engine, filtration oil is used to create a ‘sticky’ barrier which allows air flow but helps retain small particles of up to 7 microns. The company says that “all filters are precision made and continuously checked during production for the highest obtainable quality.” Filters are washable and reusable. There are options available for selected S&S Super B&D and E/G applications.

Vans X Cult waffle grips

Vans sneakers are well known for their distinctive and effective ‘waffle’ style tread, and now a collaboration between Cultcrew and Vans has resulted in a range of motorcycle grips, made with the same classic ‘waffle’ sole texture. A small dome in the center “makes these grips fit like a glove.” The overall length 125 mm; a throttle sleeve is not included and must be reused or purchased separately. They are available for both 1” and 7/8” (22 mm) diameter handlebars in black or gum.