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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Blud Racing Lubricants

Blud Racing Lubricants Seeks New Distribution Partners for Expanded and Re-Branded Line-Up

Scottsdale, Arizona based Blud Racing Lubricants broke into the racing market in 2017 with a series of 100% synthetic oils “with one-of-a-kind formulation and technology unlike anything else in the racing world,” says CEO Jefferson Green.
After grabbing the attention of some of the top racers across the United States, Green says they are “taking that success up a notch” and rolling out a full product line of new oils, lubricants and cleaners for on- and off-road racers.
Dubbed the “Blud Racing Pro Series,” the new line-up includes 4-stroke racing engine oils (in 10W40, 10W50, 15W50 - 100% synthetic) that are formulated using a “new generation base of stocks and proprietary technology specifically created for the professional racer. They deliver outstanding clutch feel with no slippage or grabbing, and provide for a smoother operating transmission, exceptional thermal stability and enhanced protection against engine and transmission wear and tear,” says Green.
Additional Pro Series products include a 100% synthetic 2-stroke racing pre-mix, suspension fluids, gear/differential oils, chain lube and penetrating lube.
In addition, Blud Racing Lubricants is introducing its “Blud Racing Pro Elite Series” to protect in the most brutal racing applications. Its 15W50 100% Synthetic Severe Duty Racing Engine Oil is designed for races in heavy mud, dirt, silt, etc. and protects the clutch, runs cooler and can handle the heat. 
The company is also offering its “Bludline Series” of machine care products - “Kick-Ass” degreaser, PolyClean Aqueous degreaser/cleaner and a multi-surface detailer that is said to “safely remove dirt, dust and grime without scratching the surface.”
Green told AMD that “we are now ready to look to expand our distribution network. Blud Racing Lubricants is a brand born out of American Synthol - a 38-year-old synthetic lubricant company known globally for its Amerilube and Eagle brands. American Synthol is the technological leader in industrial synthetic oils.
“Today, Blud is dedicated to producing and distributing the highest quality products for racers in all classes and disciplines including Motocross, ATV/Quad, Trophy Kart, Modified Kart, Kart, Pro Buggy, Turbo Production UTV, Production 1000 UTV, road racing, and others.
“Blud's current line-up of engine oils (MotoBlud, DirtBlud, BikerBlud and HawgBlud) is being re-branded under the “Blud Powersport Series” name. Though the names of the products will be changed and shortened, (i.e. MotoBlud 10W40 will now be Blud 10W40), the products will remain the same.”