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Monday 15 April 2019


JIMS Adds More M-8 Tool Essentials

Camarillo, California based specialist JIMS has been busy adding more workshop essentials to what is already one of the most comprehensive V-twin specific tool and workshop equipment programs in the industry.

Alternator rotor tool

Removing or installing the high output alternator rotor on M-8 engines requires a unique tool, and “trust us” the company says, “those magnets don’t budge easily! Using pry bars or striking with a hammer can not only damage the rotor housing, but the magnets as well.”
Designed specifically for the task, “this tool easily removes and installs the alternator rotor while protecting the rare earth magnets within it.”

M-8 Softail engine stand

Known for the most complete range of model specific engine stands, this JIMS stand is designed specifically for M-8 Softail Engines - made from .1875” (7 gauge) steel and powder coated in JIMS signature blue for durability. 

Scissor gear alignment tool

Also seen here, this JIMS countershaft 1st scissor gear alignment tool is described as “essential for installation of the countershaft 1st scissor gear in M-8/Cruise Drive transmissions.”  It is installed before the scissor gear is removed to maintain alignment of the gear halves under spring pressure, ensuring that the scissor gear teeth mesh correctly with the mainshaft first gear.