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Tuesday 9 April 2019


Dock66 Dealer Fender Program

“Motorcycle fenders don’t have to be fat, ugly or made of plastic material,” says Frank Muschalla of Dock66 in Germany. “They are one of the favorite custom changes that riders like to make, so more than any other part riders should be able to express their personality and style of choice in their chosen fender design.

“At Dock66 we have made it a mission to offer high quality styles that deliver stand out looks to standard OE cookie cutter factory bikes. Our steel front and rear fenders run from ‘Deep Skirt’ fenders to accentuate a touring look, short fenders to suggest speed and highlight the dynamics of movement, make it appear dynamic, curved styles to bring classically styled lines - all precision made from quality assured sheet metal.
“Dock66 Motorcycle Parts offers a wide range of fenders for many wheel diameters in every figuration and every custom style - short and slim, wide and curvy, sport style or traditional, Fat Bob style, flat, plain or flanged. With our special dealer pricing program custom shops, builders and authorized dealers alike can use us their ‘in-house’ go-to source for the fenders their customers want.”