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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Vity’s Design

Combination velocity stack and throttle servo cover options for M-8

Noted for its top end design and precision manufacturing, Vity’s Design is the brainchild of Fermo, Italy based Matteo Vitali. 

Proving that there is always a market for quality and great design, the Vity’s line-up has grown quickly since he started his business, and includes handlebar controls, foot controls, pegs, forward controls, mirrors, covers, gas caps, air cleaners, lights and more.
Three primary ranges are offered - the ‘Vity’s Collection’, the ‘Diamond Bagger’ collection, and a ‘24kt Gold’ collection - all with the emphasis on stylish, contemporary interpretations of retro chic and on precision fit and finish.
Seen here, and new to the ‘Vity’s Collection’ line, is a combination of velocity stack designs, plus a throttle servo cover for M-8 engines.

Available in a choice of contemporary-retro style finish combinations, altogether some 11 different combinations are available for selected ‘93-‘15 Big Twins and, now, for M-8 engined Tourers and Softails.
Available in Europe through France based purchasing portal provider, distribution, buying consortium and vendor representation specialist MAG Connection, Matteo is looking for U.S. distribution.