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Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Kuryakyn Orbit ‘Vision’ and ‘Prism’ LED Options

This 5 3/4” Orbit ‘Vision’ LED headlight with white halo from Somerset, Wisconsin based accessory specialist Kuryakyn is a high-output LED headlight with integrated outer white halo ring to significantly enhances night-time field of vision and all-around visibility.
The Raw lumen output is 2,200 (high beam), 1,300 (low beam); ‘effective’ lumen output is 1,300 (high beam), 860 (low beam) with a reduced draw of 1.25 amps (low beam) and 2.0 amps (high beam) and a color temperature of 6,500k.

5 3/4” Orbit vision headlamp

The headlight uses a standard H4 bulb, has the 3-blade connector and ships with all mounting hardware.
Kuryakyn say that the DOT compliant design delivers “uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability” and that it has a durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens.

5 3/4” Orbit Prism multi color HALO and bluetooth app

Also seen here is the 5 3/4” Orbit ‘Prism’ LED headlight with Bluetooth controlled multi-color halo that can be controlled vis downloadable iOS or Android app to customize the outer halo ring with “infinite” color options. The ‘Prism’ has the same output, draw, housing and install specs as the 5 3/4” ‘Vision’.

Orbit Vision LED Passing Lamps White Halo

These 4 1/2” Orbit LED passing lamps are also available in the Kuryakyn ‘Vision’ (white halo) and ‘Prism’ (multi-color halo - with Bluetooth color management app) ranges. Made to the same housing and install specs as the 5 3/4” ‘Vision’ and ‘Prism’ headlights, they have a raw lumen passing beam output of 850 and ‘effective’ lumen output of 560 with a 0.85 amp current draw and the same 6,500k color temperature.

Orbit Prism Multi color halo