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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Brock’s Performance

Get some lightweight color for your wheels

Dayton, Ohio based Brock’s Performance are offering the new “Inked” Carbon Fiber wheel shades made by BST.

Created from crystal-effect pigments that are “designed to give a rich luster and incredible sparkle -  even when mixed 20% pigment and 80% clear. What BST calls Ink, the rest of us would likely call a candy color. The idea of course is to provide a wheel that glows with a deep blue or red - especially in the sun - without hiding the weave of the Carbon Fiber.”

Though the BST wheels were originally available primarily in sizes designed for sport bikes, they are now offered in sizes that fit nearly any Harley and most customs. All these new V-twin fitments can be ordered in any of five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Gold.