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Tuesday 5 March 2024

Rick's Motorcycles (H-D Baden-Baden)

Rick's Performance 'Clubstyle' for M-8 Softails

AMD recently featured 'Brown Sugar' by Rick's Motorcycles (H-D Baden-Baden) in Germany - a Low Rider ST in 'Clubstyle' built to showcase a new line of Rick's parts and accessories.

The Rick's 'Clubstyle' look starts with solid CNC-machined risers - risers that radiate innovation. Manufactured from high-strength 7075 aluminum and available in several versions, when combined with matching handlebars and meticulously designed 'Performance II' triple trees (or installed on stock triple trees), these 'Clubstyle' risers offer an optimum combination of function and steering stability with simple and fast installation.

The lower part of the handlebar clamp is designed as a solid 'Torquebar' and machined to fit tight to the riser halves to which they are fixed with internal bolts. The visible additional strut also leads into the 'Torquebar' body. Seen from the front, the handlebar clamp appears closed, only from behind is the clamping visible. 

"This design allows an unrivaled precise and direct steering with maximum dimensional stability and stiffness," says owner 'Rick' Knoerzer. "Even at maximum riser height of 11.5 inches, there is no more torsion."

Integrated in both risers is a generously dimensioned cable duct, which can accommodate the wiring harness extension (including plug) that Harley offers for handlebar conversions - as well as more additional cables for the exhaust system, air suspension or other accessories. The cables to be covered are fixed with clamps already in position. All necessary holes in Rick's 32 mm (1 1/4'') handlebars are already machined and towards the fittings and grips the handlebar diameter tapers to the usual 25.4 mm (1'') for Rick's "Good Guys" grips.

The compact digital instruments of the 'ST' are integrated into the handlebar clamp housing. With a pullback of approx. 35 mm tilted towards the rider for better readability of instruments and optimized seating position. Versions are also available for the speedo of "Low Rider S" models and for use without instruments (for Softail models with instruments placed on the tank).

The cables are hidden by another cover going into and passing the triple tree - stock or Rick's 'Performance II' - for a super-clean solution that leads the cables under the triple tree into the main wiring harness under the tank.

The CNC-machined pattern defines the high-tech "machined" look of Rick's new risers - and is repeated in other Rick's 'Clubstyle' components. The risers are available in heights of 7, 8.5, 10 and radical 11.5 inches - with TÜV approval for all sizes.

Also available is an offset adapter - Rick's 'relocation plate' - allowing the risers to be moved a whopping 40 mm in the direction of the rider - for both stock and Rick's triple trees.

Rick's 'Performance 2' triple clamps are a 'Clubstyle' design alternate to the stock trees that offer additional clamping surfaces for the upside-down fork tubes - which can be pushed between 0 to 10 mm further downwards if wanted. This significantly increases ground clearance and possible lean angle. Also manufactured from high-strength, lightweight 7075 aluminum, they are black anodized and for installation on stock risers the kit includes a 'Rigid Kit' which neatly integrates the lower screw heads of the risers. 

Optimized for a clean look, the rigid installation ensures perfect and immediate reaction to steering action. They are in at Rick's for its Low Rider ST and S triple trees, with other M-8 Softail models available on request.

Made in two sizes, Rick's matching 'Clubstyle' handlebars are made from high-quality aluminum, with appropriate wall thickness to ensure strength. Clamp diameter is 32 mm (1 1/4 inch). Towards the ends of the bars, the diameter tapers to 25.4 mm (1 inch) to install fittings and grips, including the option of Rick's 'Good Guys' grips. Ready to be installed, all necessary cable openings are pre- machined. "For the perfect 'Clubstyle' look, our adjustable 'Good Guys' hand levers are recommended - available in sets with interchangeable short and long end sections.


'Clubstyle' crashbars - not just for Stunt-Pros, these front and rear crashbar sets place a premium on engine and critical component protection. Laser-cut and TIG-welded, they are high quality plastic coated and come ready for bolt-on installation. The front set is attached to both frame tubes - with two mounting points each at the top and bottom, which means it also serves as a frame stabilizer, providing additional stability for the stock frame. Replacement 'crash pads' available. They can also be used as highway pegs on long distance rides, or as a support light bracket for modern LED auxiliary headlights/position lights, such as the Kellermann 'Dayron' line, which can be additionally switched to yellow and flashing function when the turn signals are activated. The rear crashbars protect bags, primary housing and exhaust system and can also be used as passenger rests. 

Rick's 'Clubstyle' indicator bracket ST fairing kit with integrated turn signals are a great option, whether or not doing a full 'Clubstyle' conversion. 

Underneath the unique fairing (on the stock mounting points) are the tiny ABE certified Kellermann Atto integral LED turn signals, built into specially designed Rick's housings to make them even less visible than usual - but always powerfully visible when flashing. 

Not just great for 'Clubstyle', but an asset to many customizing styles, these Rick's 'Wave' brake discs - in 292, 300 and 330 mm - are said to optimize braking performance while increasing durability. Rick's has many years of experience with manufacturing rotors and says that its floating brake disc designs are less prone to warping under maximum load and give better braking performance because the discs virtually "center" themselves between the brake pads under braking. 

The 'Wave' shape is designed to improve cooling while reducing unsprung mass - which can be an important factor in the load on the brakes, especially with heavy Big Twins and with heavy loads in 'forced' braking conditions such as twisties.

"Our Wave discs are styled less aggressively than comparable competitor designs," says Rick, "therefore they offer more friction surface. Evenly distributed holes instead of slotted holes also increase breaking surface and reduce noise."

The discs are floating on Rick's 10-spoke 'Steve' inner stars with ten floaters each to distribute braking forces and heat dissipation to more points than on stock or comparable aftermarket parts. The inner star is specially coated with the outside flattened and highly braced float for no wobbling or rattle, yet still allow the brake discs the necessary expansion when heated by heavy braking. 

The stainless steel inner core construction ensures long-lasting and consistently reliable performance. Matching caliper adapters for radial piston calipers (such as Brembo) are available.  Additional sizes for the current H-D model range are in development, as are new versions to fit Rick's design wheels.