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Tuesday 5 December 2023

Zodiac International

SU Eliminator II Carb Kits

Mijdrecht, Netherlands based Zodiac International has announced that it has the legendary SU carburetor range in inventory.

General Manager Vincent Pels told AMD: "Over the complete rpm range, nothing has ever been able to approach the SU in terms of sheer Harley horsepower and economy. In the one and only documented comparison test of all aftermarket carburetors for Harleys, the SU easily dominated the others.

"A close look at the Eliminator II SU tells you why it has such a wide margin of superiority. To date no other carburetor is equipped with the sophistication and the features necessary to even approach the Eliminator II SU in performance, dependability and consistency."

All Eliminator II SU carburetor kits from Zodiac International come with manifold, manifold gasket, all necessary mounting bolts, push-pull throttle brackets and complete installation and tuning instructions. 

Available in black or chrome, applications include 1991-2003 Sportsters, 1966-1984 Shovelhead Big Twins, 1984-2000 Evolution Big Twins and 1999-2005 Twin Cams.

Air cleaners and velocity stacks are additionally available, with further options including an aluminum adapter to fit a Keihin CV style air cleaner on a SU Eliminator II carburetor and rebuild kits.