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Tuesday 19 December 2023

S&S Cycle

MK-Series Crankcase for 2017-Up M-8 Touring

S&S Cycle has announced these MK-Series crankcases for 2017-up M-8 Touring models. "The demand for performance-based bagger parts is growing," says S&S' Jon Montgomery, Head of Marketing for S&S. "These M-8 engines are creating more power, and all that power requires a quality base that the stock cases can't provide. That's where these new S&S MK-Series crankcases come in.

"We designed these cases to allow for larger bores than stock while also reinforcing them to prevent cracking in high-stress areas. They feature a machined, close-fitting oil scrapper and a larger oil sump - allowing the engine to scavenge more oil and create lower oil temperatures. 

"All this results in a finished piece that is made in the USA, more reliable than stock, and still retains the stock deck height - so there are no clearance issues in the stock touring frames."

Until the end of January 2024, S&S says that these cases can be included in one of its popular 'Winter Power Packages'.