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Tuesday 12 December 2023


OptiMate PRO-4 DUO Multi-Station/Bank Charger

TecMate is replacing its OptiMate PRO-4S professional multi-station charger, a 4 x 4 amp independent charging station design that is well liked by dealers, with an updated model, the OptiMate PRO-4 DUO. 

TecMate has focused on power efficiency to beat the strict global power draw regulations mandated by various countries, yet it delivers 20% more charging power per station, and it all helps the dealer where it counts - in the pocket. 

The OptiMate PRO-4 DUO draws only 1.5 amps @ 240V (2.9A @ 120V) when it delivers 5 amp through each of its four independent charging stations - for a total of 20 amp (4 x 5 amp).  It is delivered with a removable power cord and is certified to CE, UL/CSA, PSE, SAA and UKCA. The four stations each deliver charge through a 182 cm (6 ft) charge extender and set of fused battery clips.

OptiMate PRO-4 DUO offers three selections per station, selection #1 is labelled Pb (lead) for all 12V lead-acid batteries, including standard flooded and sealed (valve-regulating lead-acid) AGM and GEL batteries, selection #2 is labeled LFP for all 12.8V 4-cell-in-series Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4/LiFe) and the #3 selection is labeled 60' (sixty minutes) for quick activation of any powersport battery. 

'any powersport battery'

The 60' mode is a more advanced version of the popular 1-hour activation charge mode that was introduced on the original PRO-4S. That was meant for speedy activation of 'dry' charged AGM or to bring factory-activated AGM back to full charge before being fitted to a vehicle.

The new 60' mode can also bring a partially charged LFP battery - namely one delivered at below 30% charge level as mandated for shipping - to a higher level of charge before fitment.  

Each station's Pb or LFP mode allows recovery of any type of dead flat powersport battery from as low as 0.5 volt and then tests and displays the battery's voltage retention ability - a good indication of the battery's state of health. 

LFP mode includes a manually activated BMS reset to bring new smart lithium batteries out of sleep mode or to reset the deep discharge protection of a smart lithium battery so it can receive charge again.  

Any size battery can be connected as OptiMate's proprietary Ampmatic algorithm continuously adjusts charge current to match the battery's size and charge acceptance. 

Martin Human, CEO/CTO of TecMate, says: "The OptiMate PRO-4 DUO is our most advanced multi-station/bank battery saver, charger and tester for powersport dealers, and it remains easy to use. Connect the battery, select the mode that matches battery chemistry, or select 60' for a quick activation charge and the OptiMate does the rest, safely and very well."