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Wednesday 13 April 2022


Touratech for the Pan America

It didn't take German ADV specialist Touratech long to put Harley's Pan America through its paces on a trip through the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Seen here, the result was an immediate initial selection of in-house designed and manufactured model-specific Touratech accessory recommendations, no doubt with plenty more to come in the future.
One area that most commentators are agreed on is that the Pan America is weak in protection - after all, these are machines that are expected to fall over, crash, scrape and face all the abuse that the wild can throw at them, and then still get you home.

Touratech's product development team has immediately come up with a suite of protection initiatives - from protecting the engine from flying stones and impacts to providing fall protection for radiators, tank and bodywork.
Comprehensive protection is provided through a combination of Touratech's expedition engine guard and crash bars, radiator and manifold guards and headlight protectors, with versions available in either metal or Makrolon.

Touratech is known the world over for versatile luggage solutions, and seen here, Touratech has taken its popular 'ZEGA' ADV luggage system as a start-point and created the exclusive 'ZEGA' Evo X "Premium Edition" system, especially for mounting to the Pan America.
In addition to the two black anodized aluminum panniers - one of which is recessed to fit snugly around the exhaust - this set includes a black-coated stainless steel rack, two high-quality inner bags and a complete set of locks. Smaller items of equipment that need to be quickly accessible can be stored in the waterproof, super-durable EXTREME Edition tank bag; there is also a 'ZEGA' specific rack for the top cases.

Smart details such as the anti-theft guard for the TFT, a side stand base extension, comfortable long-distance footpegs or the mounting adapter for navigation devices "are the direct result of our R&D team's years and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and testing experience.
"Whether it is to survive the rigors of the urban jungle or to drive from Milwaukee to Madagascar, Touratech's experience in enhancing the adventure is recognized and respected globally."