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Wednesday 13 April 2022


Polaris - "Empowersports Diverse Riding Council"

Aimed at expanding the market and to "elevate multicultural perspectives and insights in powersports," this new Polaris initiative will "bring together 16 riders from diverse backgrounds to foster participation and increase diversity within the world of powersports.
"Polaris is focusing on understanding different types of customers - passionate, trailblazing multicultural riders - and inviting more people to enjoy the outdoors in new ways while ensuring participation is a great experience for all."

Polaris says the council will "unite influential riders, adventurers, leaders and entrepreneurs who bring multicultural perspectives and insights to the powersports space. They will be advocates for building community, sparking adventure and fostering safety when riding. The council will meet regularly with Polaris leaders to build a deeper understanding of a broader array of customers. The full list of the 16 initially invited to participate can be found online."
Not Polaris' first rodeo where commendable diversification outreach is concerned, in a message that many more businesses could take note of, the company is honest about the intended benefits of inclusion.
"The creation of the Empowersports Diverse Riding Council is part of Polaris' broader growth initiative, which aims to grow its customer base by more than 50% over the next ten years by introducing new customers to Polaris and continuing its commitment to supporting diverse riders.
"During 2021, the company saw an influx of new riders, with 70% of customers being new to Polaris, fueled by significant increases with women and families as well as younger and multicultural customers."
Polaris Inc. Senior Marketing Manager, Tommy Hillman is quoted as saying "with the growth in diversity in the industry comes a responsibility to amplify the voices of all riders so that riders can see themselves represented across all powersports - no matter the terrain or vehicle. Honest and open conversations will instil actionable change and strengthen the industry now and in the future."