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Wednesday 27 April 2022

Corbin Saddles

Sportster S - Rear Fender/Undertail Tidy

Another new Sportster S product design from Hollister, California based Corbin Saddles, this rear fender/undertail conversion tidies up the look of the rear wheel and swingarm area - liberating this otherwise great looking machine from swingarm-mounted clutter.
"This small, simple Corbin fender looks better than the stock arrangement and also provides a stylish extension to keep the road grime from slinging off the rear tire and onto the passenger using the H-D pillion pad. Naturally, it works even better with the Corbin Gunfighter and Lady Smuggler seat!"

Constructed of durable ABS with a steel support structure, the Corbin undertail kit provides an integrated appearance with sympathetic lines that emulate the Sportster styling. It comes pre-painted to coordinate with the factory colors and utilizes the factory lighting components transferred from the bumper mount.

The Corbin undertail kit includes a black license plate frame to complete the look and comes pre-bent to conform to the shape of the fender - just curve the license plate to match.
"While we wouldn't go so far as to say that installation is simple, we WILL say that it is not difficult, although a bit time-consuming - but we reckon it's worth it for the visual improvement. Complete instructions are included along with all required hardware."