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Wednesday 13 April 2022


Gambler for Sportster S

A combination of the original Corbin Gambler and its unique Smuggler storage system, Corbin Saddles has updated its popular Gambler Smuggler seat for the 2021 Sportster S.
"Offering a clean look with precision fit to the Sportster's chassis, under the passenger seat there's a 1.4 liter storage tray for securing small essential items like wallet, sunglasses or even summer gloves. 

A wide, ergonomically designed rider platform provides excellent comfort with four vertical inches of lower back support provided by the passenger area. The nose of the seat is sculpted to give good ground reach and fits perfectly to the tank. Passenger seating is neutralized to curb sliding and offers good weight distribution. 

"The Gambler mounts directly to the H-D chassis in place of the plastic tail pieces. This allowed us to create a seating position nearly 1.5 inches lower than the stock unit, which gives the rider a much more integrated feeling with the bike. Saddle shaping keeps the seat integrated with the radical streetfighter visuals of the Sportster S."
The Gambler installs by removing the stock tail components and mounting our provided hinge and storage tray. Once installed, the Gambler Smuggler works with the OEM key lock.