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Tuesday 4 January 2022


OptiMate PRO-1 DUO - PRO Series

Batteries in motorcycles are working harder than ever - powering more electronics - and they are also now an integral part of diagnostic service when the engine is not running.
A battery in poor shape or with insufficient capacity to maintain a stable voltage for an hour or two will affect or even interrupt operation of the diagnostic tool hooked up to the vehicle's ECU. Lead-acid and Lithium (LFP) batteries are now standard, but with different activation needs - even by region. 

In regions where acid filling by the dealer is still allowed, lead-acid batteries need to be activated once filled, with that first charge vitally important to make sure that the battery will deliver well past its warranty. In regions where acid use at dealer level is or has been phased out, fully charged, factory-activated AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are being delivered, but during months of long storage they slowly lose charge.
Lithium (LFP) batteries are delivered at 30% or less charge due to transportation restrictions or in 'sleep'/transport mode (if fitted) with a resettable battery management system. Even modern batteries need reactivation prior to use, so they can perform as expected.
During 2020/2021 TecMate worked with two European OEMs (Ducati and Triumph) to find a solution for this complex service problem surrounding batteries. A unique solution was delivered to each OEM, but TecMate also designed a product that can serve all dealers, the OptiMate PRO-1 DUO (model TM-650). 

OptiMate's PRO-1 DUO is the ultimate technician's battery charger.
With selection for Pb (lead-acid) and LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) batteries, it can activate or 'wake up' all new powersport batteries or recover any neglected battery from as low as 0.5 volt, and, whilst doing so, tests the battery for damage. If it is OK, it continues charging and then provides a test result (LED indication).
Time is money, as they say, and the powerful OptiMate PRO-1 DUO is able to deliver up to 10 amp of charge to get even the biggest powersport battery ready quickly - but it charges small batteries equally well as its AmpMatic processor automatically adjusts charge rate to compensate for the connected battery's size and state of health.
The 3rd selection is for on-board service, the PS (power-supply) mode provides stable battery support (at 13.6V) to the vehicle's battery and system during diagnostic service or troubleshooting. 

A removable hanging hook allows for portable use at the vehicle, with the integrated rubber feet and side bumpers preventing damage to vehicle surfaces. Once the service has been completed, the wall storage receiver can keep the charger out of harm's way.
The power-efficient electronic platform accepts global input of 100 to 240V 50/60 Hz, with an exchangeable power cord making this the first 'plug and play' OptiMate that can literally be used anywhere in the world.
Martin Human, CEO/CTO of TecMate, says: "Working closely with vehicle OEMs since 1990 has helped TecMate develop the right solutions for dealers and their customers. This is the first of a new breed of OptiMate PRO do-it-all chargers that are replacing our current range of professional chargers. More to come in 2022."