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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Magnum Shielding

Magnum Quick Connect Upper Replacement Clutch Cable Options and Handlebar Install Kits

Those wanting to change the handlebars on late model Touring and Softail models are presented with a disproportionate challenge - they have a removable upper section on the OE clutch cable, but currently the only way to upgrade that style, or choose from a wider selection of lengths, is by using a traditional full replacement clutch cable. This requires draining the transmission fluid, removing the transmission side cover, and possibly removing the exhaust system.
Brake line and control cable specialist Magnum Shielding offers dealers alternative length and finish choices with its all-new Quick Connect upper replacement clutch cables. These upper clutch cables replace the OE upper cable section on 2018+ Softail and 2021+ Touring models with a replacement stock or alternative length cable, providing an easy-to-install quick connection to the existing lower cable. Quick Connect cables are also available as part of Magnum’s handlebar installation kits.

KARBONFIBR Quick Connect clutch cable

Designed to reuse the plastic adjuster cover and connector body components of the OE cable - to reduce replacement costs - Magnum also made improvements to the adjuster assembly and has incorporated a sturdy and easy to adjust threaded metal cable adjuster to replace the prone-to-breaking OE plastic button or clip.
With the included tool and instructions, Quick Connect cables take no more time to install than the OE replacement version and bypasses the need to drain the transmission fluid.
Its large selection of Quick Connect cables includes a bent tube fitting for Touring bikes with batwing fairings - providing those models with a precise and compatible OE fitment.
Adjustment is the same as for any mechanical cable - adjust the clutch behind the derby cover per factory manual instructions, tighten the cable adjuster until the slack is the correct amount at the clutch lever, and then tighten the locknut and you’re done! The OE cover slides over the Quick Connect adjuster assembly and the provided rubber boot keeps everything clean and dry from the elements.
Magnum's Premium Designer Series Quick Connect cables feature what it claims is the industry’s highest quality braid in four Signature color choices - STERLING CHROMITE, BLACK PEARL, POLISHED STAINLESS and the new KARBONFIBR - with complementing chrome or black chrome plated fittings.
KARBONFIBR braid is created from metallic wire with distinct and varied black tones, blended and interwoven to mimic the unique, high-tech look of carbon fiber. All Magnum Signature control cables and brake lines share matching braid color and weave. 

STERLING CHROMITE 2021 Touring Quick Connect handlebar installation kit

Made with anti-friction inner liners, nylon adjuster inserts and high-efficiency coated inner cables, Magnum Quick Connect cables are factory-lubricated for smooth, consistent, long lasting operation and have a non-yellowing, crystal-clear outer jacket for protecting the braid.
Magnum's economical XR Series Quick Connect clutch cables come with stainless steel braid and chrome fittings or OE style black vinyl construction with chrome or black chrome plated fittings. Both styles incorporate the same performance features as the Designer Series Signature cables. As with all Magnum’s cables and brake lines, XR clutch cables "offer excellent quality and a great fit."
"Our Quick Connect handlebar installation kits include everything for a handlebar replacement - DOT brake lines, Quick Connect clutch cable and hardware, plug & play throttle-by-wire and turn signal and switch wiring extensions. Magnum works hard at making it easy to install a handlebar.
"The DOT brake lines included in the kits have an OE factory-style construction with high quality fittings, tube assemblies and manifolds crucial for a trouble-free installation that provides professional looking results.
"Our premium brake lines feature PTFE tubing braided with DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber reinforcement, Signature Magnum braid and a crystal-clear PVC outer jacket that never discolors. Aramid fiber reinforcement offers the ultimate in high-performance braking by greatly reducing brake hose expansion that robs braking power.
"XR stainless DOT brake line assemblies, assembled in-house at Magnum’s manufacturing facility, are made using an enhanced construction of heavy gauge stainless steel embedded in a tough, abrasion-resistant nylon outer jacket for superior durability, braking power and safe riding. XR brake lines, like all of Magnum’s brake line assemblies, are fully DOT FMVSS-106 compliant.
"No matter whether you’re looking for an upper replacement clutch cable or an entire handlebar installation kit, our new Quick Connect clutch cables will save time and money and deliver outstanding quality, DOT compliance and ease of installation."