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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Storz Performance

Storz Offers Prestigious 'CERIANI' Forks U.S. Trademark for Sale

Two years ago, Sportster conversion kit pioneer, former flat track race mechanic and all-round race fanatic Steve Storz celebrated the 40th anniversary of his Storz Performance business - one whose design ideas and concepts are once again at the forefront of the contemporary custom market.

Steve Storz and the late Enrico Ceriani in Italy, taken in the mid 1990s

For Steve, the motorcycle business is as much about relationships as anything, and one of his most celebrated was with the legendary Italian suspension Guru Enrico Ceriani.
The Ceriani name is synonymous with high-quality motorcycle suspension components that have been sold in the U.S. since the 1960s - with great brand name recognition and a superb racing history.  
Steve's successful business friendship with Ceriani saw his Storz Performance operation granted a domestic U.S. trademark for the Ceriani name and has been manufacturing complete bolt-on Ceriani inverted front fork kits for Harley-Davidson applications since 1998. 
Storz/Ceriani 55 mm inverted forks

While he has no intention of closing down, and fully intends to continue making and selling his Storz Performance line of parts and accessories for Sportsters, Steve has decided the time is right to sell the trademark.
Included in the trademark sale are technical drawings as well as proprietary procedures, vendor lists and raw materials processing required to manufacture these forks.
The USPTO Trademark number 1,927,816 has been maintained as required by law and it has attained incontestable status. A notarized document signed by Enrico Ceriani in 1994 authorizing the sale of the CERIANI trademark name to Storz Performance, Inc. is also included.
Interested parties should contact Steve at his Ventura, California headquarters.