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Tuesday 1 June 2021


Surflex, Italy - Declared a "Historic Brand'

Italian clutch specialist Surflex has been granted 'Marchio Storico' - the "Italian historic mark" - recognizing its 70 years as a motorcycle component manufacturer.
Surflex was the first Italian company to produce clutches for motorcycle use, and it is still the only one dealing mainly in clutches to fit motorcycles, and the only one still producing completely and exclusively in its Italian facilities from the design to the production, with in-house engineered equipment and tools.

Those 70 years have resulted in a range of 15,000 clutch components for motorcycles dating back to 1920, right up to 2021 models, from discs to complete clutches - often developed in close design and testing co-operation with motorcycle manufacturers.
Clutch assemblies for classic bikes are still produced, using updated tooling and manufacturing technologies in order to provide older bikes with the same grade of replacements and upgrades offered for contemporary and late model machines.


Surflex also manufactures replacements and OEM upgrades using more than 300 different friction materials - organic, semi-metallic and metal powder sintered, all three in application-specific formulations.
Special clutch components are made in precision CNC-machined high-strength, lightweight Ergal (7075 zinc aluminum alloy); complete anti-hop clutches made to an exclusive and patented Surflex design; and among its specialty output are a small range of rare pads and sintered pads for trial races - such is its commitment to and pedigree in the motorcycle market.
The 'Marchio Storico' - the "Italian historic mark" - is no 'small thing' - it is considered a highly prestigious accolade and is only ever granted to the most respected Italian manufacturers - those who have made significant contributions to Italian industry and commerce over several decades.