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Tuesday 1 June 2021

National Cycle

Back to a Period-Correct Future

There aren't many motorcycles still in working order from 1937 - most have long since either disappeared or are now enjoying quiet retirement in a museum or collection of some kind.
There are even fewer accessory vendors from then still in business today, but one such - National Cycle of Maywood, Illinois - is not only still in rude health as a world leader in the windshields business, but still has the 'Heritage Chops' to not just recognize and honor its own past, but to do so in the context of the extraordinary journey of development that motorcycle design has been in that time.

Founded as 'The Nation's Cycle Center' in 1937 by a certain Gordon Willey, National Cycle, as it has been to generations of riders, is still in the same family ownership, with Barry Willey and his wife Ann still very firmly at the helm.
Under their stewardship the business has never failed to move forward, especially where embracing and developing advanced materials and windshield safety is concerned - but so too, Ann and Barry have never forgotten their roots.

These new vintage style, beaded windshields in four color options are now available for restoring 1936-47 Knuckleheads or 1948 Panheads.
These windshields were modeled directly from actual vintage windshields that National Cycle manufactured beginning in 1937. "If your original windshield is old or cracked, replace it with an exact reproduction made by the same original manufacturer - National Cycle!"
The National Cycle vintage beaded windshields come complete with mounting hardware exactly like the originals, and with lower sections in choice of clear, blue, red or black.
The period-correct windshields were made from Pyralin plastic, which was somewhat flexible and thus required a beaded edge as well as a steel reinforcing ring.
These new reproductions are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, with the upper section having National Cycle's exclusive Quantum hardcoating for what is widely recognized as the world's best scratch resistance.
The beaded edge and steel ring are retained for an authentic, period-correct appearance. All National Cycle polycarbonate windscreens are protected by a 3-year warranty against breakage.