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Tuesday 2 June 2020


Motorcycle Helmets Now Excluded from Tariffs Until September 1, 2020

The MIC has announced that the U.S. Trade Representative has reversed tariffs levied on motorcycle helmets manufactured in China that were imposed in 2019.

"Following multiple requests by the MIC Government Relations Office and several MIC members to exclude motorcycles, parts and accessories from China List 4 tariffs, the United States Trade Representative has determined that motorcycle helmets are now excluded from tariffs that were imposed in 2019.
 "Tariffs are additional taxes paid by American consumers and businesses, not by China," said Erik Pritchard, President and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council. "We are pleased that the USTR has decided to exclude additional taxes on motorcycle helmets. Safety equipment must remain affordable and readily available to all riders."
The MIC's government relations team worked with MIC members, testifying together before the USTR and the United States International Trade Commission. Letters were also sent to the agencies and to policy makers. 
"We started last year, testifying at United States International Trade Commission hearings," said Doug Hill, President of AFX North America. "Through the relentless efforts of the MIC's GRO over the last 14 months, we now have this great outcome. As I had the chance to see first-hand the impact we can have if we work together, I urge more companies to join the MIC, which continuously advocates on behalf of the entire industry."
Importers should work with their brokers to obtain refunds from Customs and Border Protection on previously collected tariffs spanning September 1, 2019 to May 13, 2020. Questions related to Section 301 entry filing requirements should be emailed to