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Tuesday 16 June 2020


'Gen 4' Speaker/Amp Kits - No Re-Flash Required

Canadian audio specialist Hogtunes' new 'Gen 4' speaker/amp kits feature a 225 watt 2-channel amplifier and Hogtunes' latest 'Gen 4' front speakers with upgraded mesh grills. Three kit versions are available, based on 2014 and later models, for Ultra/Trike, Street Glide and Road Glide. 

These new G4 speakers are said to offer a superior bass response and allow for a higher power handling than previous versions. The amplifier features Hogtunes' R.E.M.I.T technology (Reduced Electro Magnetic Interference Technology), "which allows for excellent FM reception from a Class D amplifier."
Indeed, Hogtunes says that with a factory antenna it is getting around 95% FM signal with this amp and that the weather resistant speakers and components are "designed to handle the elements and cleaning."
The upgraded speakers are said to provide a higher quality sound and better bass response - "this allows the rider to hear music clearly, even at riding speed."
The kits ship complete, with all wiring and harnesses included, and are an easy to use plug and play design with no wire cutting needed. The kits are easily expandable.
Hogtunes owner Mike "Pez" Pesdirz says that "like all Hogtunes products, everything is built specifically for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle - we do not sell what are basically car audio products retrofitted for a motorcycle, and our amplifiers are made specifically to work with the factory radio with no re-flash required."
The speakers and amplifier and componentry in Hogtunes' kits are IP (Ingress Protection) rated at 65 - which is very high - and the company backs its products with a 3-year guarantee on the amplifiers and a 20-year guarantee on the speakers.