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Tuesday 2 June 2020


IRONe Limited Edition

Limited to 550 units in the United States only, H-D has blown the dust off its limited edition playbook and is leveraging the February 2019 Stacyc acquisition with a limited edition of IRONe electric balance bikes for children.

The IRONe12 and IRONe16 electric balance bikes "provide a custom ride for riders between the ages of 3 and 7 and under 74 lbs, featuring a custom graphic treatment and painted in the same Yellow Fuse color that is also available on the LiveWire."
Designed to help catalyze the experience of riding for the first time, "balance bikes offer an early learning tool for hand-eye coordination and help children develop skills while having fun." They can be used to coast and brake in the non-powered mode before graduating to the powered mode and the throttle.
"The Limited Edition IRONe12 and IRONe16 are impressively custom and extremely limited," said Jon Bekefy, General Manager of Brand Marketing at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. "No other Harley-Davidson shares the Yellow Fuse color exclusive to LiveWire, which is the halo of the H-D EV portfolio."