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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

Longride, Heritage Click-On Saddlebags

These universal, single-sided saddlebags offer easy click-on installation using the supplied universal mounting bracket. Made in waxed cotton and finished with ranger leather panels, leather straps and internal reinforcement plates to help maintain shape, the inside is fitted with an internal waterproof polyester lining. They are available in 9.5, 11.5 and 18 liter capacity.

Müller Adjustable Rear Lowering Kits - Evo/Twin Cam Softails

These TÜV approved, German made Müller easily accessible and fully adjustable 40 mm lowering kits for Softail and Twin Cam models allow adjustment from stock height to a maximum of 40 mm lower (riding), 80 mm lower for show use and non-riding circumstances. They also allow the addition of 30 mm to the stock suspension height on Twin Cam models. They are available for '89-'99 Softail Evo and '00-'17 Softail Twin Cam.

Müller Adjustable Rear Lowering Kits - M-8 Softails 

Müller's TÜV approved, fully adjustable 35 mm lowering kit for M-8 Softail applications allows adjustment from stock height to a maximum of 35 mm lower. Damper adjustments remain accessible in all cases, and the kit includes pre-installed needle bearings. No damper rod shortening or other permanent modifications are required. For show use or other non-riding conditions up to 40 mm lowering is obtainable, and the Müller spring compressor tool for M-8 applications is available separately.
The kits are available for '18-'20 Softail FXBR, FXDR, FLFB/S, FXBS, FXFB and '18-'20 Softail FXBB, FXLR, FLSL, FLDE, FLHC/S.

Torque Wrench for 6.3 mm Spoke Nipples

This poke nipple and torque wrench in one prevents overtightening. It is 0-2 Nm., adjustable, and fits stock H-D and other models with 6.3 mm spoke nipples.

Uni Reamer - External Deburring/ Angle Cut Tool

This uni reamer can be used to deburr or angle cut the outside diameter of threaded ends, tubes, axles, pipes etc. with diameters from 3 mm (1/8") to 19 mm (3/4"). It works with steel, copper, brass, stainless, fiberglass, plastics and wood. 1/4 hex bit drive. It is power drill operated, offers 0-400 rpm, and comes with HSS-E cutter blades - the steel may require oil cooling/lubrication.

Velona 60 mm Speedo/Tachometers

These ECE-approved, waterproof, electronic stepper motor driven Velona speedo/tachometers have a 60 mm diameter black housing and black face with LED background lighting. It includes universal V-bracket, wiring and instruction manual; the dimensions are 60 mm diameter and 48 mm high.
The speedometer includes indicator lights for left/right turn signals, neutral, high beam and a warning light. Digital LED screen functions include speedo/voltage/ODO/trip/clock. It can be connected to the bike's digital output signal, and there is a  separately sold sensor available if there is no digital output.
The tachometer comes with programmable red LED shift light. Digital LED screen functions include rpm, max. rpm memory and recall. The Volt meter has a 0-18V range; 9,000 or 15,000 rpm; 'Active' sensor for Velona speedometers.