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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Klock Werks

Flare Indian Scout "Air Management" Kit

"Air Management Exports" Klock Werks has what the company describes as a "Flare Air Management Kit" for 2015 and up Indian Scout and 2016 and up Scout Sixty models.
The OE replacement kit features a Flare windshield and a set of Klock Werks new Flare Wings designed to manage the air coming directly at the rider as well as that coming up from underneath the windshield.

"Our love of the Indian Motorcycle brand made it an easy choice for us to focus our design efforts on creating a better riding experience for Scout owners," said owner Brian Klock. "We continue to use information we learned from setting more than fifteen Land Speed Records at the Bonneville Salt Flats to inform our design decisions.
In setting more than fifteen land speed records, Klock Werks uses racing time as an opportunity to test its designs and products, Klock is proud to say that "what we use to race is exactly what you get when you buy a Flare windshield".  

The patented Flare windshield design uses the "flip" - found at the top of the shield - to create an improved pocket of air for the rider and passenger. The "hips" - located on either side of the shield - add stability by creating downforce.
The OE replacement Flare windshield measures 21.5" tall (from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the shield) and 21" wide. 

The kit includes Flare Wings, which divert air out from underneath the windshield "to help eliminate the side buffeting and swirl experienced when riding a stock setup. The design allows for up to 30 degrees of adjustment so the rider can tailor the air to their needs." Made from Polycarbonate and hard-coated for additional abrasion resistance.