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Thursday 7 November 2019

C&S Custom

Improved ‘Hoglite’ Swingarm

Lexington, North Carolina based C&S Custom says it has enhanced its high-performance, lightweight, aerospace-quality ‘Hoglite’ swingarm for late-model Dyna models from 1991-2017.

The company says that a 10 lb reduction in unsprung weight is achievable by replacing the stock swingarm with the ‘Hoglite’ unit – in addition to giving the engine and transmission less weight to drive, David Garwood, Owner, points to suspension improvements as another benefit that comes from of reducing the unsprung load “since suspension-related problems are caused by inertia.
“The greater the weight means the higher the inertia. By keeping the unsprung weight low, the shocks and springs don’t work as hard to keep the tires on the road.
 “It’s recognized that road handling characteristics are enhanced by reducing a machine’s unsprung weight. We manufacture with specially extruded 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum that is engineered with the highest structural integrity on the market.”
The ‘Hoglite’ swingarm comes with swingarm, hollow tube rear axle, axle adjusters and axle nut. Options include extended length swingarms, air tank, N.O.S. bottle bracket and spherical bearings. External treatments include thousands of powdercoat colors, chrome and contrast cut. Upgraded bearings and bushings are offered for maximum performance and extended life on all wearable parts.
Garwood says that all ‘Hoglite’ Dyna swingarms are direct stock replacement or custom built to a specific application. The axle blocks are CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum and allow for factory belt or chain adjustment. The axle blocks will accommodate 3/4”, 25 mm, and 1” axles. Optional axle blocks from stock chain adjustment to 5” over.
The shock tower placement can be modified to accommodate aftermarket shock lengths; brake stop positions can be modified to work with most aftermarket brake systems.