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Tuesday 3 September 2019

Tucker Powersports

XKGlow Light and Turn Signal License Plate

Tucker Powersports' new XKGlow motorcycle license plate with turn signal is a triumph of "function meeting form" according to the company, with the exterior line of LEDs functioning as both running and brake lights. 

"Hit that turn signal and the entire left or right side of the frame flashes with your turn signal as well. The unique design makes the uninterrupted LED glow possible while at the same time, maximizing visibility. The white LEDs are fully integrated into the frame keeping the aesthetics simple and sleek."
Available in a dark semi-gloss black or chrome finish, it features 18 white 1.5W max output white LEDs and 200 6W max output reds, using 12vDC input. It can be used in addition to the factory lights or exclusively "to clean up that back end."