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Tuesday 3 September 2019

AIMExpo, Cycle Volta E-Pavilion

Cycle Volta E-Pavilion to Power AIMExpo’s Electric Footprint 

Columbus, Ohio, September 26 - 29

Bonnier Motorcycle Group and the MIC have teamed up to create the Cycle Volta E-Pavilion, a dedicated area at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide for all electric two-wheelers, from bicycles to motorcycles.

Cycle Volta is Bonnier's recently established media brand, and in conjunction with AIMExpo’s three newly-minted neighborhoods (The Shop, The Alley and The Camp) will showcase the culture, lifestyle and experiences that affect users' buying decisions through major market segments.
The Cycle Volta pavilion will feature vendor booths, test rides and TED-style talks on how e-bike riders can become new motorcycle enthusiasts. Media and industry dignitaries are also invited to an exciting after-hours e-bike dirt race on Friday, September 27, hosted by Bonnier Motorcycle Group and AIMExpo.
"With the evolution of electric-powered bicycles and more powersports manufacturers entering the e-bike arena, more retailers are looking to add e-bikes to their showrooms," said Andre Albert, Director Sales and Marketing, MIC Events.
"These products create an opportunity to introduce new riders to powersports and are creating a positive impact on the greater powersports industry. It makes sense that our show evolves to showcase this new and growing segment of the market," Albert said.
Cycle Volta ( is a new digital, video and social media brand established by Bonnier Motorcycle Group "to cover the freedom and fun of the e-bike, micro-mobility and the electric motorcycle landscape."