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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Lyndall Racing Brakes

Lyndall Racing Brakes has a familiar story - one repeated dozens if not hundreds of times in the motorcycle parts and accessory aftermarket.
Man starts by making parts for racing buddies; then man turns amateur enthusiasm into business. In this case that man is Paul Kittrell Jr and the products were custom motorcycle brake pads that he started hand cutting for AMA road racing buddies.
This he did while working for Porterfield Enterprise, Inc. an automotive brake com
pany. After learning about compounding high performance friction materials for automotive race applications, and then exposing them to the motorcycle industry, with the help of his parents Paul launched Lyndall Racing Brakes, LLC. in 1998.

"Our passion to develop premium quality components inspired us to seek out the most extreme environment known to powersports, the racetrack" says Paul. "Our designs are exposed to the rigorous environments of racing as the ultimate theater of validation for developing and proving our high performance street offerings."
But as Paul explains, road racing may have been where the project was born but "for over twenty years, people have come to us with the desire for better brakes for their V-twin motorcycles. Blown away with the braking performance we deliver, not only do those same customers continue to come back, but we attract new customers. We believe we have the hottest looking performance products on the market - aesthetics paired with extreme performance, not a commonplace concept in the motorcycle market, then or now!
"The real magic is in our brake pads - all of our pads are fully organic and come in three different compounds to match the riding style. 

 "If you were to list our braking compounds in order of hard, harder, and hardest, 'Z Plus' would be the first on the list. We offer this compound to customers who want to keep their white walls clean with zero dust, but still get +10% more stopping power than OE Harley brakes. This compound will also allow you to maintain the black or gold finish on a Lyndall rotor.
Z plus is lighter and with +10% more stopping power than a stock pad, producing zero dust and zero noise, and run 30% cooler.

"Our 'Gold Plus' series pads are for those who want the best of both worlds - a compound that is a perfect balance between our other two  - with +20% more stopping power than OE Harley brakes and a long service life. All of our brakes are guaranteed to last at least 18,000 miles and come with a money back guarantee.
"At the top-end our 'Xtreme' pads are a more powerful braking system for high speeds or stunting - this is the hardest compound we deliver, made with carbon kevlar. With +30% more stopping power than OE Harley brakes, these brakes are a true HH friction level and will provide the most response.

The Xtreme pad's advanced friction material allows +30% more stopping power while running -20% cooler - a true HH friction rating in an organic material providing "the highest stopping torque and the least amount of lever effort." Made in America with the latest friction material from Dupont, it runs cool with moderate dust and zero noise and "delivers 18,000 miles of Xtreme performance."
Gold Plus is a harder pad than the Z Plus, running 30% cooler than stock and with +20% more stopping power, with long-lasting durability, low dust, zero noise, and offers 18,000 miles of service life.

"We also manufacture American-made wheels, sprockets and pulleys. Our wheels are rotary forged from 6061 T6 aluminum. This is a super lightweight metal that is stronger than most steels. Lyndall sprockets and pulleys are laser cut from 7075 T6 aluminum, which is also commonly used in aerospace technology.
"Our rotors are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, utilizing the finest materials and CNC processes to ensure the highest quality form, function, fit and finish. These 100% American-made, fully floating, two-piece rotors are designed with an aggressive look and the ability to outperform any other rotor on the market. Our rotors are designed to operate at a cooler temperature while maintaining predictability and repeatability in even the most challenging riding environments.

Lyndall says of its wheels: "manufactured from the highest quality aluminum rotary forgings and crafted in Orange, California, our wheels are built for performance and longevity. We design lightweight wheels with a focus on functionality and breath-taking looks."

"We are the only brake company in the industry that offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the only one that offers a lifetime guarantee on our rotors, when used exclusively with Lyndall brake pads." 

The Indian Scout FTR750 and FTR1200 Custom feature Lyndall's black crown cut rotors

You may have seen Lyndall products in action without necessarily realizing it. If you're into Hooligan/Flat Track racing, "you'll see many leading riders (Jordan Baber, Chris Wiggins, Jeffrey Carver and others) race with our wheels, rotors, sprockets, and brakes. You may have also seen Harley internet icons like Rusty Butcher or Unknown Industries rock our equipment in many of their videos."


Made in highly ductile high carbon steel that is very stable under high thermal loads, Lyndall rotors are 100% CNC machined in the USA - not stamped or laser cut. This is said to mean that the materials are not stressed and maintain full strength. Lyndall says its lug drive system "is the most stable design in a floating rotor and ensures a lifetime of quiet and safe operation. During hard braking events, our generous gas slots are most effective at clearing the gases that all brake pads produce under friction. Quicker and better outgassing means the pads get a better bite on the rotor. The Crown Cut style may turn heads, but it's built for performance, not just looks. The increase in surface area allows for much faster cooling." There are five styles available, Smooth Gemini, Crown Cut Agitator, Crown Cut Millennium, Smooth 13-Spoke and Crown Cut Gemini.