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Tuesday 23 April 2024


GIVI Pan America Luggage and Accessories

Founded in 1978, Italian luggage and accessory specialist GIVI has been a trendsetter in the ADV market for decades, practically inventing the ADV luggage space as we know it today.

Respected worldwide for the ' Monokey' top case security and mounting hardware technology, like many 'mainstream' parts and accessory manufacturers, the launch of Harley's Pan America is bringing it to the attention of an entirely new market segment.

Further to the selection of Pan America luggage and protection upgrades seen in a recent AMD from Italian specialist GIVI, more proven, durable, robust and ergonomic model-specific designs here from the ADV accessory trend leader.

This selection includes its ES8400 side stand support - manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel, designed to widen the rather challenged surface support area of the original side stand and 8400DT model-specific transparent screen.

Measuring 46 x 49.5 cm (H x W), it is to be combined with the separately available model- specific fitting kit (D8400KIT) for a 4.5 cm taller than stock option. Also seen here, its smoked screen (8400D) measures 34 x 48 cm (H x W) - to be combined with the same fitting and its specialty toolbox fitting kit (TL8400KIT).

Designed to install its separately available S250 toolbox onto the left-hand side are GIVI PLO8400MK or PLO8400CAM side case mounting frames.