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Tuesday 23 April 2024

Baker Drivetrain

Wake Up Your Engine - 30-Tooth Compensator Sprocket Kit

According to Bert Baker, the new Baker 30-tooth compensator sprocket kit "is the only torque-increasing comp sprocket on the market. Have you ever been riding down the road and know that your engine is being limited by other components?

"This is the end-all comp sprocket that yields a +13% increase in the primary drive ratio. This means that in a stage 1 engine, this compensator sprocket kit will advance you to the performance of a stage 2 engine or more - increasing engine performance without the cost of an engine upgrade."

Available for 2007-later Softail and Touring applications and 2006-2017 Dyna applications (it does not currently fit Softails with wide rear tires - such as a 240 rear tire Fat Boy and Breakout), but for 2007 to 2010 Big Twins, your customer will need a H-D rotor to install the Baker compensating sprocket. 

For a 2006 Dyna, a H-D rotor and stator is needed; for 2011 Big Twin models, if the stock spring cup is welded onto the stock rotor, a new H-D rotor will be required. H-D rotors and stators are available for purchase from Baker Drivetrain or your local H-D dealer. 

"The kit includes the 30-tooth compensator sprocket and a new primary chain. It delivers dual stage centrifugal oil distribution and is manufactured from heat-treated 8620 steel - the castings are poured in Wisconsin and machined in Michigan."