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Tuesday 26 September 2023

Bagger Nation

Pro Street Rear End Kits for Freewheeler and Road Glide 3

Paul Yaffe is a prolific new product designer - his Phoenix, Arizona based Bagger Nation product line is dynamic - creativity and innovation is in its DNA.

Recently, Paul has turned his attention to new products for the H-D trike platforms. As they rapidly gain in popularity, so too does the desire among owners to customize and personalize them, and with the introduction of the long-awaited Road Glide 3, there are more trikes than ever out on the road.  

Paul set out to create a completely new look and attitude for the three-wheel platform, and having seen his custom project trike up close at the recent Drag Specialties NVP at Madison, Wisconsin, it's fair to see "he nailed it."

New additions include his all-new Pro-Street rear end kit for Freewheeler and Road Glide 3 models - a distinctive and different addition to Bagger Nation's growing range of three-piece body kits. "Our amazing Pro Street rear fender kit transforms your trike into a Pro Street thrill ride," says Paul, "and if you want to go 'car tire' wide, we'll have a special wide kit coming soon."

Options include no taillight and/or five sets of Bagger Nation 'Lightning Bolt' LEDs, choice of dual outlet or no outlet, and choice of black or chrome finish. On thing to note - this Pro Street rear end kit will not fit a Tri-Glide, but Bagger Nation has them covered with its 'Swoop' Tri-Glide fenders.