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Tuesday 5 September 2023

S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle - 129/132" M-8 Power Packages

S&S Cycle is again offering its popular Power Package for 2017-2023 M-8 engines - "the ideal combination of performance and savings."

For the latest generation H-Ds, S&S is combining its brand-new 129" and 132" bolt-in big bore kits with a lumpy 550 cam, cam plate and high flow oil pump as well as valve springs, lifters and pushrods "to achieve the ultimate engine build."

Kits are available with gear or chain drive cam and are designed to make big, reliable power. They do not require case mods or engine removal and all the parts are designed, tested and manufactured by S&S at its iconic Viola, Wisconsin facility.

The kits transform the 107 inch engine into a 129 incher, with 114/117 inch engines transformed into 132 cubic inch monsters.