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Wednesday 23 November 2022


'Monarch' 4.5" Slip-Ons for H-D Touring Models 

These days, 4.5" seems to be the ideal muffler diameter for sound, power and looks. Firebrand has taken that formula one step further on the modern H-D touring machines with a highly tuned, louvered stainless steel baffle. 

But how do you tune a baffle, I hear you ask? "Contrary to many people's assumptions, a baffle isn't just a tube with some holes - or at least it doesn't need to be. Firebrand's expertise is using the size and angle of the louvers, as well as their location within the muffler, as critical design variables to capturing the exhaust gasses as they pass through. 

"Too big and they slow velocity, too small and you risk a pitchy sounding muffler. Get it right and your bike sounds and performs like a proper V-twin should. 

"The new 'Monarch' slip-on from Firebrand does exactly that and finishes the muffler off with a durable and perfectly matched coating and a billet tip. Available for 1999 through 2022 H-D Touring bikes in Asphalt Black or show chrome. All Firebrand exhausts are made in the heartland of the US and available through HardDrive."