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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Arai Helmet

LeMans Announces New U.S. Distribution Partnership with Arai

Arai Helmet and LeMans Corporation have announced a new partnership that will see the Japanese made, handcrafted helmet brand return to the Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited distribution centers for the first time in over 20 years. 

Despite its huge global reputation, Arai is still a relatively small, family-owned company "driven by the same mission through three generations. The staff at Arai are motorcycle enthusiasts. They ride and build each Arai helmet as if they were creating it for themselves or one of their own family. 

"Arai's mission has always been the protection and comfort of every person who chooses an Arai helmet. Its foundational principles of protection first, exceptional quality and rider comfort have never been forgotten in over seven decades of helmet design and manufacturing."

Michio Arai, owner and CEO Arai Helmet Ltd. and son of the founder of Arai said: "In the early 1950s, there was a rider who made the first motorcycle helmet in Japan for his own protection. During this time, not only were there no helmet standards, but there were also no motorcycle helmets on the market yet. Over time, others recognized the value of this man's creation and asked him to make helmets for them, and thus the Arai company was founded. 

"As it has been owned by the same family ever since, it is protection that still means more for Arai than anything else. The helmets we make have many benefits and features that riders can see and enjoy, but the true value of Arai is hidden in the complex internal construction invisible to the naked eye. This requires ongoing education and support to convey the Arai difference. I believe that the focus Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties have on dealer service is what Arai dealers and customers need." 

Akihito Arai, Vice President Arai Helmet Ltd. and grandson of the founder of Arai Helmet Ltd. added: "As I consider the long-term future of Arai, I believe we have found a strong partner in LeMans Corporation. The strength of Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties, combined with their focus on dealer service, is what Arai needs to reach more consumers looking for the opportunity to experience the Arai difference first hand."  

Brian Weston, Managing Director for Arai Helmet, Inc. said: "This new partnership will allow Arai and LeMans to continue to grow the Arai business and provide Arai's unique helmets to many more customers across the United States."