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Tuesday 8 March 2022

Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

Moto Guzzi isn't generally associated with cutting-edge technology, but the company's new V100 Mandello - which marks the brand's centenary - is an intriguing combination of traditional ideas and futuristic thinking.
The bike's stance and styling are traditional sports tourer, avoiding the trend towards high-rise, adventure-bike-inspired machines, and the V-twin engine's cylinders poking out on either side leave no doubt that it's a Guzzi. But that engine is completely new, and the bike hides technical elements that aren't just new to Guzzi, but new to motorcycling altogether.

Measuring 1,042 cc, the engine differs from previous 'small block' Guzzis by using water cooling, helping it along to a peak power of 115 hp and max torque of 77 lb-ft. Not earth-shattering numbers, but plenty for a bike like this. It drives through a shaft hidden inside a newly designed single-sided swingarm and differs from previous Guzzis by having cylinder heads rotated 90 degrees, with the intakes in the middle of the 'V' and the exhaust pointing downwards. Those heads hold twin camshafts and four valves per cylinder.
However, it's the bodywork that, despite its conventional appearance, hides the V100's big news. As well as an electrically adjustable screen, there are automatic, electric wind deflectors mounted on either side of the 17.5 liter tank. These flaps shift position depending on speed and the selected riding mode, deflecting air around the rider and creating genuinely 'active' aerodynamics. Guzzi says that they help reduce wind blast on the rider to make the V100 feel like a machine with a much fuller fairing.
Elsewhere, there are four riding modes, four traction control settings, three engine braking levels and three power maps for the engine, plus cornering lights and an IMU to ensure the ABS and traction control work even when the bike is banked over.
Guzzi will offer two versions, with the base V100 supplemented by a higher-spec version using Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension, a quickshifter and multimedia control through the TFT dashboard.