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Tuesday 15 March 2022


Kellermann Jetstream - "The World's Most Powerful Motorcycle Indicator"

Aachen, Germany based Kellermann GmbH is a global leader where LED technology and motorcycle indicators are concerned, noted for its advanced, durable, robust products, high grade materials, fit and finish - and as the global custom motorcycle industry's 'go-to' when discreet, stylish, high power lighting solutions are needed.

The new premium Kellermann Jetstream is probably "the most spectacular motorcycle indicator ever built," says LED design expert Guido Kellermann.
Available as a sequential lighting turn signal and as a 3-in-1 rear, brake and sequential lighting turn signal combo version, the design of the Kellermann Jetstream "integrates elements from aviation design and has the shape of a wing with an integrated jet engine. The distinctively and shapely designed Jetstream is a guaranteed eye-catcher both for its looks and for its power."

'two variants'

"Safety is always our number one priority," says Guido, "but who says products can't also look great? The shape is extremely aerodynamic and therefore also very streamlined at high speeds, resulting in less airflow turbulence for improved safety and comfort."

Dr Stefan Wöste, Kellermann CEO

However, the illuminating power of the Kellermann Jetstream is also extreme - "no other motorcycle indicator with sequential lighting and ECE approval gets even close," says Kellermann CEO Dr. Stefan Wöste.

 'aviation design'

"The brightness is unmatched. The turn signal is emitted as a super bright and slit-like beam along the edge of the wing. In the 3-in-1 version the equally strong rear and brake lights are added, with the well-proven Kellermann Atto technology placed in the jet engine channel."
Based on 16 high-power LEDs, the unbelievable illuminating power of the Kellermann Jetstream contributes towards more safety on the road, because the motorcycle is better and sooner seen when approaching at high speed or in poor weather.

Overtaking becomes safer as the vehicle ahead is strongly warned by the extreme illuminating power - reducing the danger of inadvertent or careless lane changing.
Made in Germany by Kellermann, the strong illuminating power also raises the safety bar during all other turning or braking maneuvers, with the sequential lighting turn signal at the front and rear - also the 3-in-1 combination during braking maneuvers.

'dynamically pulsating'

"This extremely bright and dynamically pulsating sequential indicator, with its unique light orchestration, pushes the envelope of what is technically possible and will define a new benchmark in the segment of exclusive motorcycle accessories."
Initially, the Kellermann Jetstream will be available in two variants. As a sequential lighting turn signal it can be installed at the front and rear of the motorcycle. The 3-in-1 version, with a combination of rear, brake and sequential lighting turn signal, can be installed at the rear of the bike.


Form, Function, Power and Safety

•    Highest illuminating power
•    Kellermann high-power LED technology
•    State-of-the-art "IC"- chip technology
•    32 MHz real time micro processor controlled
•    Silent-Current, advanced Power Saving algorithm
•    High measure of visibility across a wide angle range
•    Longlife Protection Guard
•    Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
•    Flow-optimized metal housing, high quality manufacturing
•    M8 x 20 mm thread
•    High-quality vibration-absorbing bearing
•    ECE-approved
•    Global design protection