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Tuesday 29 March 2022


Malibu Gets First LiveWire Experience Center

As the network of LiveWire availability in the United States evolves in advance of its NYSE flotation, the 74% Harley owned business has announced the "first LiveWire Experience Center - designed to offer a fully immersive experience centered on the all-electric LiveWire ONE motorcycle."
Opened in what is likely to be very EV-friendly, budget-no-object territory at Malibu on the California coast north of Los Angeles, it is described as being "inspired by the soulful connection of riding LiveWire ONE" and intended to "introduce the electric riding experience to visitors while also creating a community space for LiveWire riders."

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, said: "California is one of the most established electric vehicle markets in the world and is an ideal location for the first LiveWire Experience Center. The LiveWire ONE motorcycle is designed for the pursuit of urban adventure and the Malibu area offers superb riding in a variety of environments, both urban and beyond.
"The Experience Center at Malibu Village will give both riders and non-riders a chance to engage with the LiveWire brand and ultimately experience the thrill of riding the most desirable electric motorcycle available today."
Created in collaboration with London-based designer Steve Lidbury, the interior expresses "cool urban adventure, with polished concrete, engineered wood, perforated steel and detailed textures. The 1,766 sq ft space incorporates a virtual showroom to support live video chats, displays of LiveWire technology and design, a collaborative showcase featuring displays by LiveWire partners, socializing and event space and LiveWire ONE motorcycles available for demo rides."