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Monday 6 December 2021

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Ness 'Crossfire' Performance Intakes


These air cleaners feature the patented Ness next generation inverted backing plate with hidden breather design and polycarbonate top. The ergonomic design improves legroom; they come complete with a black pre-oiled high-performance filter element. They are available black with clear accents, all black or chrome for all 1988 to present XL Sportsters, Twin Cam 1999-2017 with CV carburetor or cable-controlled Delphi fuel injection, throttle-by-wire fuel injected Twin Cams 2008-2017, M-8 Touring 2017 to present, M-8 2017 to present Trike and M-8 2018 to present Softails.

Rick's Sportster Offset Belt Pulleys and Covers 


These offset belt pulleys, matching pulley inserts and sprocket covers were developed by Rick's Motorcycles (Baden-Baden, Germany) to allow installation of up to 240 mm tire widths on 2004 and later Sportster models. In addition to widening the OE swingarm, the belt drive also has to be relocated to the outside in order to be able to guide the belt along the wider tire. The open engine sprocket cover replaces the stock cover and the pulley insert is bolted to offset the front belt drive sprocket and rotates when riding. They are available as 29-tooth pulleys for 13 mm, 17 mm or 24 mm offset.

E-Approved V-Performance Slip-Ons


"Designed for performance and a nice deep sound", Zodiac says that these E-approved slip-ons are easy to install on the stock header pipes and feature built-in catalytic converters and removable dB killers. They are available for most M-8 Softail models, 2006-2017 Dyna, 2004 to present Touring and Trike and 2004-2020 Sportster models.