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Tuesday 21 December 2021


New Steering Dampers Mean Improved Handling
Italian suspension specialist Matris is noted for manufacturing some of the best "speed sensitive" steering dampers in the world - it has always been a core competency for the brand. Its speed sensitivity design reacts to sudden movements by automatically and progressively increasing the damping without restricting movement at slow speeds.
The short wheelbase and powerful engines of many modern sport bikes are, by their nature, inclined to "nervous" or "uncertain" responses to potholes and other sudden shocks, movements or hard braking - regardless of frame or suspension design. 


These new steering dampers from Matris improve the control of the front axle and front end stability, giving better damping of all the slow oscillations and rapid changes that the bike setting cannot be tuned for.
The new SDR series (racing replica) and SDK series (street version) steering dampers reduce front wheel shake and provide improved safety at high speed.


Matris steering dampers offer fully adjustable hydraulic braking with 13 or 16 calibrated holes for "active", dynamic and micrometric points of tuning - this is the Matris 'secret sauce' engineering solution that delivers a progressive "speed sensitive" hydraulic damping system.
There is a coaxial twin tube system with titanium external cylinder and aluminum alloy internal cylinder and a high-tensile alloy steel single piston rod with hard chrome coating, lapped finished for, effectively, "zero" stiction. The SDR race replica series has an additional TIN (Titanium Nitride) surface treatment.
The external reservoir tank design gives vastly improved heat dissipation and control of fluid expansion and is pressurized with nitrogen gas for greater stability at high operating temperatures.

Matris has asked us to remind everyone that there are a lot of product imitations on the internet of all the best motorcycle suspension and performance products and brands - and to advise dealers to make sure they (and their customers) are buying genuine originals through a reputable channel.
We here at AMD are happy to associate ourselves with Matris' remarks - when it comes to safety, impossibly cheap prices are NOT the rider's friend. It is almost always true that something engineered to be cheap is engineered to fail!