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Monday 6 December 2021

Twin Power

Twin Power ETHANOT! Now Shipping

Earlier this year, when Fort Worth, Texas based Twin Power announced a new range of high-performance chemicals for V-twin and Cruiser riders, even they were taken by surprise by the positive market response.
Specifically, the demand for Twin Power's all-new ETHANOT! Ethanol Stabilizer far exceeded expectations. Hot News is that ETHANOT! is now on the shelf and ready to ship throughout the nationwide Tucker warehouse network.

"Everyone is well aware of the supply chain issues that are affecting so many aspects of the motorcycle industry," says industry veteran and Twin Power brand manager James Simonelli.
"Neither we nor our vendors were ready to fulfil the demand, but our U.S.A. based supplier has worked hard to get production flowing so that we now have the inventory we need, and dealers are already ordering by the case!"
Twin Power ETHANOT! Ethanol Stabilizer is a must-have for owners of carbureted and fuel-injected bikes, says James. Each two-ounce bottle will treat and stabilize up to six gallons of fuel, protecting it for a full year.
"ETHANOT! protects the vehicle's fuel system components from the harmful effects of ethanol and water by preventing ethanol separation, corrosion and sludge during storage, while keeping fuel injectors and components clean and preventing carbon deposits from forming."
Safe for use in all gasoline engines, ETHANOT! is sold to dealers in convenient retro style point of sale countertop dispenser boxes of 24 2-ounce bottles.
"I do a lot of work in my own shop," says James, "and I am well aware of the detrimental effects of ethanol in today's fuel. I searched high and low for a product that really performs. Riders and dealers will love the benefits of ETHANOT!"