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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Permance Machine

Bagger Race Kits

For those planning to go Bagger racing this year, or simply for those who just 'Want the Look' as well as the reduced weight - and the improved performance that comes with it - this race kit from Performance Machine is a three-stage option set.
The Stage One kit includes your choice of a pair of front and rear 17" 'Assault' or 'Revolution' race weight wheels in black or gold, and a pair of 14" 990 Series Progressive Suspension shock absorbers.
Stepping it up to Stage Two gives you the same choice of 17" wheels and the 14" Progressive shocks, plus a choice of a pair of 11.8" or 13" 'Dominator' or 'SpeedStar' race weight floating brake rotors.
Taking it all the way to the Stage Three kit adds matching color PM mid controls and front and rear 4-piston radial brake calipers.  


Stage 1 kit

17" race weight wheels, front and rear - choose between the '
Revolution' (seen here in black) and 'Assault'

14" 990 series shocks

For a Stage 2 kit, add ...

Choose between 'Speedstar' (seen here in black) and 'Dominator' front and rear race weight brake discs

The Stage 3 kit also includes...

Radial brake calipers

Mid controls