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Tuesday 6 July 2021


Galfer V-twin Custom Rotors - "What's your style?"

Galfer is one of Europe's leading brake component manufacturers and noted for its range of custom brake rotor style options - from the Classic and the globally recognized Disc Wave to the Skull rotor or advanced CUBIQ.
Galfer Classic rotors are round brake discs with a more classic look, which are very similar to the original discs - except for the braking performance. The Galfer Classic design is said to have superior braking performance compared to the original rotors used by V-twin manufacturers due to the type of steel used and the high-tech in-house Galfer manufacturing processes. They are the heaviest of the four rotor options for V-twin and custom applications.
The Galfer Disc Wave is one of the best known, recognized and bestselling rotor designs in the world. 

These discs have a 'corrugated' (Wave) profile on the inside and outside of the brake track for weight reduction, improved cooling and a distinctive look. The Disc Wave was patented by Galfer over 20 years ago.
One of the most extreme and eye-catching brake rotors in the Galfer range, or any range for that mater, the Skull profile and black grooves on the brake track and flame-shaped core make the Galfer Skull disc a unique design that is ideal for bikes with an aggressive look.
 The newest of Galfer's rotor designs is the award-winning CUBIQ. "These are our lightest and most innovative-looking discs thanks to the hexagon shape of the brake track. They are an evolution of the Wave discs and stand out for their reduced weight, improved bike handling and increased braking power."
All four designs are available in fixed and floating steel core configurations, subject to the make and model of application. All Galfer brake discs are manufactured using laser cutting and subjected to different treatments such as tempering, painting, machining or grinding to achieve a high-quality finish.
Galfer's quality control, R&D and testing procedures are rigorous, and all its rotors have German TÜV (KBA) approval.