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Monday 19 April 2021

Tucker Powersports

Monimoto Smart GPS Tracker

Texas based Tucker Powersports has become the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Monimoto GPS tracker - a wireless 3G self-install tracker that "alerts your customers' cell phone when their bike is moved and provides GPS location updates to assist in recovery," said Abel Beltran-del-Rio, Director of Street & V-Twin portfolios at Tucker.

"Your customers get the peace of mind that if their motorcycle, UTV or ATV are moved in their absence, Monimoto will let them know right away and track its location."
The Monimoto is easy to install - no wiring or special tools are required, "just download the app and attach to your motorcycle or powersports vehicle. You do not need to recharge the batteries every two weeks. Monimoto primary batteries last for a very long time - depending on the brand of the batteries and activity, they should easily last a year."
Monimoto has an international SIM card inside that works in North America and most European countries - Monimoto UAB is headquartered out of Vilnius, Lithuania.
"Monimoto doesn't drain your motorcycle's 12V or 6V battery. Your bike is guaranteed to start. Monimoto will never breach your bike warranty. The device calls your mobile phone in one minute to notify you of the unauthorized vehicle use. You will be notified immediately, where other trackers just send text messages or emails.
"The device works by reacting to the absence of the key fob when the system detects motion - riders just keep the key fob in the pocket, and that's it - good to go. Monimoto automatically arms and disarms itself."