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Tuesday 13 April 2021


JIMS M-8 Crankcase Splitting Tool

Camarillo, California based JIMS' new M-8 crankcase splitting tool is manufactured from 1/2" thick A36 hot rolled steel and incorporates design provisions for both Touring and Softail models.
"The M-8 crankcase is a robust and sealed engine case when assembled correctly. In order to perform any type of lower end service or performance work, it is necessary to split the crankcase into halves. Prying the cases apart with a screwdriver can not only damage the crankcase, but it can also cause injury if performed incorrectly. 

"JIMS is proud to release our new M-8 crankcase splitting tool to enable technicians and engine rebuilders to make lighter, safer and higher quality work of the job. Simply install the tool on the primary side of the case and easily split the cases by hand with a ratchet. This tool is a must for any mechanic doing complete engine teardowns and performance builds."