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Monday 16 May 2022

Reload Land

Reload Land - the First European Electric Motorcycle Festival
Berlin, Germany, June 24 to 26, 2022

From June 24 to 26, 2022, Berlin, Germany will see the first annual 'Reload Land', a first dedicated and curated 100 percent electric festival for the electric motorcycle community in Europe.

"Reload Land will showcase the best of the world of electric motorcycles, e-scooters, e-bicycles and custom rides. Around 20 exhibitors and up to 5,000 guests are expected. The event will attract a wide variety of likeminded futurists and will be a creative hub combining business and fun, all powered by electric engines. 

Co-founders Stephan Lindenfeld and Maximilian Funk

"Reload Land will be the platform for the movers and shakers of the fast-growing electric motorcycle industry and anybody who is interested in exciting electric rides. The perfect opportunity to network and showcase new electric concepts and production rides in the cutting-edge, future-shaping metropolis that is Berlin. 

"New brands will be visible for the first time as they make their way from the online world into the real world - coming together for the first time as the new stars of an exciting new movement."
Endorsed by the AMD Championship program, one of the highlights of the festival will be a curated selection of custom electric motorcycles. The festival will offer "the right mix of exhibitions, presentations and test rides in a vibrant location. Not only for the open-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, but for a future-facing urban mobility audience." 

'silence doesn't kill emotions'

The festival is being staged at  - Europe's largest motorcycle community garage - "an authentic two-wheeler paradise, the showground will be both outside and indoors at the Craftwerk location, spreading over two levels inside, covering together over 3,000 sq m (approx. 30,000 sq ft)."
On June 25 there will be a silent Sundowner Ride through the city "ending at our partner location Deus Fountain Berlin to glide into a party with electronic music on a perfect summer night."
"Reload Land - the future is today - so let's celebrate unique new rides in a vibrant location and dive into a new world of two-wheeled mobility."