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Tuesday 1 October 2019


SBS Rotors Now Available to US Dealers Through Drag Specialties

As SBS, the internationally respected Danish brake components manufacturer, comes to the end of its second year as the 'Official AFT Brakes' brand, the company has now confirmed availability of a full line of European made stainless steel rotors for dealers in the USA through Drag Specialties.
The program comprises both a standard OEM replacement range with the application-specific shape, construction and dimensions to make them a true OEM standard replacement line, and an OEM upgrade line.

The new SBS rotor range is "dedicated to riders who appreciate quality components on their bikes," says CSO Christel Munk Pedersen. "These new rotos are made in Europe with designs that are based on our extensive race and street know-how and experience."
The program contains both a standard range with an OEM replacement for durable and comfortable braking and the SBS upgrade rotors that are "specifically designed to increase brake feel, performance, comfort and looks.
"We have been in braking for more than 50 years and offer the most comprehensive brake pad range in this market. Together with the brake rotors we are now able to offer Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited dealers a complete V-twin package."
The SBS Standard line has the application-specific shape, construction and dimensions to make them a true OEM replacement rotor. "Typically, they have the round contour that is preferred by riders who want to stay with the original visual appearance of their bike," says Pedersen.
For those who want to upgrade their braking set-up, the SBS Upgrade range features characteristics that improve on the OEM and replacement rotors. "They offer increased performance and design features which improve the capability to get friction material constantly cleaned off the rotor surface.
"When it comes to quality, it has been important for us to offer a product range that matches the high level expected of our brake pads. We are known for delivering a high-quality standard with focus on performance, comfort and durability, and we haven't compromised with these new rotors. The SBS name is thought of as a quality stamp and is our customers' and their riders' guarantee of quality."