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Tuesday 1 October 2019

News Briefs

Australian powersports market sales were -11.4% in the first six months of 2019. Honda was the overall leader with a 24.2 percent share of all sectors of the national market, followed by Yamaha with 21.1 percent and Kawasaki with 10.7 percent. On-Road bikes were the largest single sector of the Australian market, taking 36.9% of sales in Q2 (down from 42.2% in Q1 2019). H-D sales were down 19.4% compared to the first six months of 2018, but with 2,925 units sold, they remain the market leader (3,629 sold in the first half of 2018). Off-Road bikes took a 34.5% share of available sales; the ATV/SSV sector took 22.7% of sales, Scooters 5.9% of sales. Indian Motorcycle sold 323 units in the first six months, down from 453 units (-28.7%) from the year ago period.

New motorcycle registrations were +12.26 % in Spain for the first seven months of 2019 at 108,472 units sold - the best since before 2009.

Total motorcycle registrations in Sweden were +12.12% January - July 2019 (9,001 units) - the best first seven months for new motorcycle registrations in Sweden since before 2014.

New motorcycle registrations in Poland were +39.23 percent at 13,869 units for the first seven months of 2019 - the best since 2016. When used motorcycles from elsewhere in Europe that are receiving their first registration in Poland are factored in, the total number of new and used motorcycles sold were running at +12.56 percent for the YTD (60,182 units - the best since before 2010). Poland is Europe's 6th largest market in total new and used PTW terms.

The Austrian motorcycle market was -12.64% for Q2 at 6,424 units, leaving it at -0.49% for the year to June 2019 (9,910 units). In its home market KTM is motorcycle market share leader, having sold 2,434 units in Q2 for 24.56 percent market share. BMW is second (1,366 units sold, 13.78 percent share), Honda third (10.68 percent share), followed by Yamaha (10.52 percent), Kawasaki (7.02 percent) and Harley-Davidson 6th with a 6.17% share.

RumbleOn, the online buy and sell platform for pre-owned powersports vehicles, posted record revenue of $270.2 million dollars for Q2 2019 with unit sales of 13,928 vehicles. CEO Marshall Chesrown: "Our success in powersports has given us a playbook that we are deploying across the automotive business rapidly, and we are in the early days of establishing ourselves as a leader. We believe there is an immense opportunity for us to continue to gain market share in powersports."

Harley brakes vendor Brembo (Italy) has revealed first half year revenues of € 1,323.8m, -0.7% on a consolidated like-for-like basis, with EBITDA up by 4.1% at € 270.6m. (20.4% margin). Brembo decided to discontinue industrial operations at its Buenos Aires plant, with Brembo Argentina S.A. placed in liquidation. Global sales declined by -7.6% in Japan, -4.6% in Italy and by -13.6% in Germany; China was flat at -0.5%. Sales grew by +18.2% in India, +5.3% in France and by +1.0% in the UK. North American sales (USA, Mexico and Canada) rose by +6.7%.

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